About us

The need was too conspicuous. The daily rigmarole, unhappy unchallenged employees. Shouldn’t work be fun?

Satiate the inner being so much that hours dissolve. The traditional corporate world expectations and candidate are usually on different highways. The only way to address the gap was through this transnational portal that brings out opportunities suitable to one’s individual fitment while allowing for individuals to experiment with work.

Traditional recruiting fills up vacant positions with best available skill in an autocratic way. We bring democracy to work, give that voice to people wherein they can define their expectations and pick the matching opportunity.

Our focus

Transforming experiences by creating an experimental work platform for everyone.


Providing information you can trust, diligently vetted by our technology and team.


A community-first platform to enable people from all backgrounds to thrive.


An intuitive experience that makes discovering a fuller-work life a seamless experience.


Tech-enabled intelligence and a collaborative approach to find talent and work alike.

Our Team

Kapil Nayyar

To question all the plans and focus on outcomes.

Nirav Maniar

Bring the team together to be the best.

Shruti Singh

For ensuring that our vision gets into execution.

Shreya Lohumi

Help communicate the brand’s vision across platforms.

We are changing the way you find talent or work!

Join us, be with our journey and help us transform how the work of job-hunting and talent-finding a collaborative process.

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